Amber Wright, M.Ed.


New Covenant Academy

Broken Arrow, OK USA



New Covenant Academy is a 501C3 Corporation.



On the surface, most schools look alike as far as the buildings, personnel, curriculum, and budgets go. The A.C.E. program is different. It is the trendsetter in Biblical educational reform. 


Its philosophy is built on basic principals of the Word of God.  Students are taught to see life from God’s point of view, to take responsibility for their own learning, and to walk in Godly wisdom and character.  


There are a number of distinctives that set A.C.E. apart from all other educational programs. These distinguishing features focus on what is best fo the individual child, and, after all, shouldn't that be the primary concern of a student's education?  


New Covenant Academy is a Christian school for the children of our community. We use the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum. God spoke to me to establish a Christian school for the children of any church and to make it available for missionary children while they are here in the United States.


New Covenant Academy has achieved Model Accredited status of Accelerated Christian Education. We are also accredited by the National Association of Private Schools. Our school utilizes the self-paced method of learning and computer enhanced learning.  Our program puts the responsibility of learning directly on the student. The student progresses at his or her own rate through setting daily goals, adhering to controls, and responding to motivation.


We offer programs for all children ages 4 through high school graduation.


The Accelerated Christian Education Reading Readiness Program is designed to develop the basic skills that prepare a child to be ready to learn to read. Letter and number recognition and sounds, number concepts, and physical development activities are included in this program.


The ABC’s with Ace and Christie is our Learning-to-Read program. The program utilizes a specially developed alphabet sequence, songs for each sound, physical activities, as well as Bible stories and character development activities. The program takes 12-16 weeks to complete. 


The elementary and secondary programs at NCA are maintained in the Learning Center.  A student works independently at his or her own office and requests assistance when needed. Basic subjects of math, English, literature, social studies, science, Bible, word building (spelling), and physical education are supplemented with business courses, music, art, computer, and home economics.


We believe that our school is not successful without direct parental involvement and commitment. Parents are an integral part of NCA, and we rely upon your support of the school and its objectives for our students.


It fills my heart with joy to see these young people full of the Word of God and see the difference that Christian education has made in their lives. The discipline and responsibility that the students acquire as a result of their education at NCA will cause them to mature and be successful in their walk with God and in every aspect of their lives.


We are thankful that you have chosen to consider the best education for your children here at New Covenant Academy.


Yours in Jesus Christ,

Amber Wright